Military Veteran Tax Returns

Tax Help You Can Trust – Veteran Tax Services in Bloomfield Hills

We value our veterans, and their time should be spent doing what they love, not figuring out their tax returns!

At E1040 Corporation, our expert accountants are highly experienced in filing all the necessary military veteran tax return forms and will take the workload off of your shoulders. Our accountants are all CPAs or IRS-enrolled agents who work 100% with expats just like you! We understand how important your personal data is, so we use the highest level of data encryption (same as most banks use) to protect your information. Our goal is to make the filing process as easy as possible, and your accountant works one-on-one with you throughout the process to ensure your complete satisfaction when filing your taxes!

Federal US Tax Return Preparation for US Expats – Individual vs. Small Business

A small business us tax return is not needed if you are operating as a sole proprietorship. Income can simply be reported as self-employment income on a Schedule C as part of your individual Federal Tax Return. Self-employment income reporting is part of our standard Federal US Tax Return Package at no additional cost.

Included in our Federal Package:

  • All standard expat forms: Forms 1040, 1116, 2555
  • All standard schedules: Schedules A, B, C (profit and loss from self-employed business), D, and E (one rental property), up to three Schedule K-1s, and up to 20 bank and brokerage transactions – all included as part of our flat fee!

Cost: $460

State Tax Return Preparation for Americans Living Abroad

Only a CPA or IRS-enrolled agent with knowledge of your situation can advise you if you need to file a state return. However, generally speaking:

  • If you last resided in or maintain residency in California, New Mexico,  North Carolina or Virginia, you will likely need to file a State Tax Return.
  • If you last resided in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington or Wyoming, then you probably will not need to file a state tax return.
  • For most other states, it will depend on your personal circumstances, how long you have been abroad, what ties you have to the specific state, etc.

Cost: $150

Late Federal Tax Return Preparation for US Expats Behind on Taxes

It’s typical to fall behind on your taxes; let us help you get back on track! We work with all standard expat forms, including forms 1040, 1116, and 2555. We’ll also help with all standard schedules, including Schedules A, B, C, D, E (one rental property), up to three Schedule K-1′s, and up to 20 bank and brokerage transactions.

Cost: $375

Streamlined Filing Package for US Expats Behind on Taxes

We understand that it can be stressful to be behind on your US taxes, but we have particular expertise in helping US expats get caught up using the Streamlined Filing Procedures. We’ve created this special Streamlined Filing Package with a flat fee to save you money and make getting caught up as hassle-free as possible! To catch up using this program, the IRS requires the past 3 years of delinquent Federal Tax Returns, and the past 6 years of FBARs be filed. As of June 2014, the IRS has waived all late filing and FBAR penalties for those whose lack of filing was non-willful.

Included in our flat fee:

  • Three years of delinquent Federal Tax Returns
  • Six years of FBARS (up to 5 accounts per FBAR form and $50 for each additional five accounts)

Cost: $1,325

Small Business Tax Return Preparation for US Expats

A small business tax return is needed for any business that is considered a separate entity (such as a Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). We’ll help you work through this difficult paperwork, including Forms 1065, 1120 and 1120-S.

Cost: $460

To learn more about how we can help with your military veteran tax returns, contact E1040 Corporation today!